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We do ask that you take the time to read all adverts, look at photos and make an informed decision about whether the horse or pony in question is right for you, and fit for the purpose you intend it. We always offer the chance to hack alone or in company, Ashley can provide a lesson (at an additional cost), and please do bring instructors, friends or family when you come along to help you in deciding.

Adjusting to a new home

We offer a range of options to help settle the pony into its new home. These include lessons both at our yard and at yours, a meeting at your yard to discuss how the pony is living and any changes that could be made, and recommendations for trusted saddlers, physios and other equine professionals.

Sales Livery

We always offer the option of sales livery if for any reason there are severe difficulties with adjusting the pony to its new home. We will often discuss the option of Ashley coming out to see the pony in its new home first, as animals can often act out of character in new environments.


For prices of sales livery and all other services, please contact Ashley on 07449 956321.

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